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Tradin the 5.7 CM for a 4.6L Tacoma :)

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Ever since I left Alaska and got stationed in California, I just haven't been able to use my truck for the same reasons I originally bought it for. Had to sell my cold weather toys, haven't used the 4wd in too long to remember, only go camping a couple times a year rather ten a couple times a month, and when I go down to LA or San diego, driving this beast around drives me crazy sometimes!!!
But I love the power and sound!!! The only way I would consider getting rid of it is if toyota put the 310hp 4.6L in the tacoma! All of the other companies do it.
Dodges 4.7 in the dakoda, chevys 5.3 in the colorado. I mean come on the little 4.6 wouldn't be anything in the tacoma ;)
Too bad w/ that combo it would cost over 30G's anyway, so I dunno.
What do you all think?
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Well you could supercharge the Taco and get a similar horsepower result. But would push the cost up substantially.

I originally didn't think the Tundra would fit in my garage so I was going to get a sweet Taco, lift it, supercharge it, etc but the cost was very close to the Tundra and it turns out that my 6" lifted Tundra does fit in my garage, to my amazement.
I'd like to see a reg cab 6 spd manual Taco with a 4.6... better yet a 5.7 :eek:

now that would be something for the insurance companies to worry about :devil:
How about a S/C 5.7 in a Taco ??????? OK, now I just got silly :eek:
how about an 05-06 1st gen Tundra with the 4.7L -- the current tacoma resembles the last en tundra
I gotta say if i was to ever ditch the tundra, which i cant see myself doing, i would probably go for a tacoma. I was actually looking into possibly getting a basic model 2wd taco as a daily driver and get some better fuel economy. But if your gonna ditch the tundra id say going for a tacoma is probably a good idea, just get toyota to put the 4.6L in it like you said. Haha
Toyota need's to put that 4.6 in all it's mid size rig's - the taco, 4-Runner, and FJ Cruiser. I drove an FJ awhile back and couldn't believe how slow it felt. And the gas mileage ain't that great either - the 4.6 would probably get better mileage too. Maybe when they redesign the Taco, which is due in 2012, it will finally have a V8 in it.
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