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heres the scoop: 2001 tundra, has converter box to 4 flat, i installed 7 round w/4 flat as well on back of truck using existing 4 flat to power it up. the converter has a fused yellow wire off the battery, not sure why. my new 7 round/ 4 flat unit installed under the bumper has its own ground which was installed. converter is draw tite, new plug unit is hoppy.

i wired a brake controller in, installed another fuse off the battery for the controller. brake controller works fine, recognizes when trailer is or isnt hooked up.

i am getting turns, brake light and elec brakes but not tail lights on one of my trailers that uses a 7 round. i tested the truck plug with a professional tester and everything read ok including tail lights. i then tested the trailer with a professional tester hooked to a battery connected to the trailer and the trailer tested ok including lights. lights came on powered by its own battery (this is a dump trailer). the plug of the trailer is metal, not plastic. ground issue? or should i have hooked the tester for the trailer to the truck battery?

i tow a trailer that uses a flat 4 and that trailer works fine, everything lights up. i just backed up but did not drop the coupler on the ball with another trailer that uses a 7 round and hooked up the plug only and got nothing. that trailer does have a weak ground, but just used it the other day and the turns/brake lights and elec brakes worked, not sure if the lights were operating or not.

what the heck is going on here? included info on both fused wires because was not sure if there is a power back feed possibility that might make weird things happen? time for multiple beers. for anyone that has made it this far through my long post, thanks and give me your best guess, anything.
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