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Trans sometimes hard to get in gear

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When truck is in park, sometimes it's very hard to get the lever to move into reverse or any other drive for that matter. It just seems stuck, and will finally move after forcing it. After the incident it seems to operate normally, but this has happened three times now. Is there anything I can check that may be causing this. My truck is an 2004 Access cab, 2 WD.
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^^^Also, set your park brake every time you park. If you don't, the truck rolls ahead a little bit when you take your foot off the brake. This causes everything to bind up, making it difficult to shift out of park. I've noticed it is much worse on my Tundra than any other vehicle I have driven. My shifter assembly even broke once when I tried to get it out of park. I started setting the park brake and have had no problems since.
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