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My truck wouldn't start the other day. It was pretty obvious that the battery was drained since the lights still worked dimly but not enough juice to crank it over. The battery was 3 weeks old from advance auto-- gold series. I replaced the battery before this one year ago after a similar situation. The one I was replacing at that time wasn't that old (like a year), so I was thinking something might be going on here. Now I know, since the voltage guage is now dropping and spiking as visible to the eye while driving or idling. The truck never did this before.

I took it to Toyota service and they said it was the 3 week old battery, regardless of me explaining the situation. They couldn't find anything wrong with the alternator or voltage regulator, which is what I had assumed was wrong. Advance recharged the battery in 20 minutes and it tested fine with no issues a half an hour later. I took the battery back to toyota the following day and installed it myself and drove away-- at their request since they assume it is the battery. On the way home, the volt guage again started acting irregularly. I went to advance and they tested the battery, tried a new off the shelf battery, and the truck did the same thing regardless. Took it back to toyota on Saturday and let them know this. They tried testing again or whatever the hell they actually did, and again couldn't find anything wrong.

My point is, something is wrong electrically. It obviously isn't easy to diagnose, but I am tired of going through batteries on a consistent basis. Clearwater Toyota obviously can't figure it out, so what do I do now? I have the extended warranty through Fidelity to 100K and the truck is a 2006 with 30k miles.

Please offer some advice on what to do!
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