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My transmission on my 01' 4.7 tundra had been slipping at around 75k miles. I had the transmission flushed and 2 days later it gernaded on me on the free way. I heard what sounded like a gun shot and then my RPMs almost hit redline. So i dont know. How ever, after Aamco ripped me off... i mean fixed it, I had IPTs valve body installed and it was the best mod by far besides my unichip that i had on it.

So that being said...

1) I some what disagree about it being a total myth...but
2) I have no problem with these guys advertising. At least they're legit.

Whats the word on the Valve body for the 07 and up tundras? Is it available and how much?
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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