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Transmission overfilled? Damaged? what possible solutions

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I recently bought a 2008 sequoia project with over 250k miles. engine runs great and the body and interior are immaculate for the age, however my transmission is having issues.
I bought it with a slight transmission leak at the bellhousing end and took into consideration I may be looking at a new transmission very soon.

I did a brake job and decided to look at the transmission fluid to see its condition. With a cold transmission I pulled the drain plug in the pan and the stream felt way too strong, so I plugged it back and decided to pull the check plug and a huge stream came out, not a drip as a was expecting. I let it drain a bit but it was not stopping so I closed it again.

It probably drained like 1qt and there was no sign of slowing down. This tells me the transmission is probably overfilled.
Fluid is dark red but does not smell burnt and there is some glitter in it, I have not pulled the pan to see if there are large pieces there but what I felt in the oil was like thin sand.

ECU is showing P2714 and P0756

Not knowing much more than the basics of this transmission what should be my next course of action?
I was thinking on getting it warm to 120F (checked with techstream) and open the check port to let it drain the excess but I am wondering what other damage may be there.

I took it to a transmission place and they immediately want to do a rebuild based on the miles, but i'm thinking i'm better off with a low mile used part from a salvage yard, however is my first time messing with transmissions and I know they are complex animals.

Any input is appreciated.
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Just drain it and put in the correct amount. Some "glitter" is normal. Don't start buying a transmission until there is an issue with its operation.
Hey these are "used" vehicles. I would have planned on an oil and a trans drain and fill just so I have a service date and mileage. Do you have any service record? Time to start one. I keep a little notebook in the glove box of all my vehicles where I note mileage of all services I do on the car. From tires to oil changes noting date and miles. Good for me and the next owner... Enjoy the adventure... Chap
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You need to check with the transmission warm and running. Then pull the check plug. A small drip should occur at that time. If not, fill until a small drip occurs. There will be excess in the pan when it is cold.
Thank you guys!

I normally do full services when I buy a used car without good records. Change all fluids, brakes, tires, alignments, ball joints, suspension, etc. so this is the beginning of my record keeping ;)
I did not know the part of pulling the check plug with the car running but it absolutely makes sense. I will revisit the information online while I get my hands on the shop manuals.

I may also need to drop the transmission to change the shaft seal as it is leaking, and since most of cost of replacing the transmission is the labor to drop and re-mount I thought about going with a more recent, low miles transmission, considering mine is at the 255k mark. would that be a good idea or just drop and replace the seals?
Hey Cpartipilo, check out this video for a comprehensive example of the end-to-end procedure:
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Thank you CJRERuss, i will check it out!
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