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I recently purchased a 2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited, and I am the 4th owner. The first was listed as "Personal Lease", the second was listed as "Lease", and the third was "Personal". The dealer where I bought the Toyota in Tennessee drove a 2010 Sequoia to Virginia and the 2006 I purchased was a trade-in on that. Apparently, they wanted to upgrade to the new body style. I am a "Toyota girl", having owned a 1992 MR-2 since '95, owned a '97 4-Runner from '05 to '11, a 2004 Sienna from '11 to '14, and now the 2006 Sequoia since September '14.

My question is about transponder chip keys:

My first experience with these chip keys was with the Sienna; the van had a keyless entry remote, and the master and valet keys. After the dealer and even Wal-Mart sold them for $75+, I looked around online and bought 3 for $45 at They did not come with programming instructions, but I found some on the internet and tried it unsuccessfully at first...until a year later I found the correct set of instructions, and VOILA, I programmed 3 keys for free right in my own driveway.

When I purchased the Sequoia, it came with 1 keyless entry remote, and one 'original' Toyota logo key, which I presumed was the "Master" key, as it looked black (vs. gray) and opened the glove box. The dealer only had the one key, but since I had been successful with programming my own keys on the Sienna, I wasn't overly concerned about it. So, I went online and purchased 3 more keys (from a seller on for about $29) to program so my husband, son, and dad could have one...Heaven forbid if I ever lost the ONLY working key! I used the instructions to program the keys (which Wal-Mart cut for free), but had no luck. Wal-Mart now has a machine that is supposed to be able to read a master key and program the new keys, so they tried it with one of the new keys, and that didn't work, either. That was yesterday. I tried again today (with slightly different instructions), and I managed to program 1 of the 3 newly cut chip keys, and it starts my car perfectly. However, using the same instructions and the same timing, I cannot get the car's computer to go into programming mode for the other two keys. I fear that (since I am the 4th owner) there may have been several keys programmed over the years and the ECU is full. How can I tell if this is the case? And, if so, can the ECU be "reseeded" or "reflashed" to delete the old keys that are somewhere in Virginia? What is the best way to go about this? How many keys can be stored on this ECM? How can I tell if it is full or how many keys it has in storage already?

The VIN is 5TDBT48A06S263986.

The process that I used to successfully program the one key is this:
1. Insert Master Key and remove it (DO NOT TURN KEY) five times, but don't remove the key on the 5th time--leave it inserted. *see below
2. Open and close driver's door 6 times.
3. Remove Master Key. (security light should come on and stay on)
4. Insert newly cut transponder chip key (security light will start to flash slowly...about every 2 seconds) and wait about 60 seconds (until security light goes out).
5. Remove new key.
6. Insert Master Key and start the vehicle.
7. Turn off the vehicle and insert new key.
8. Security light should stop blinking, and vehicle should start.

*When I was trying to program the keys yesterday, the first instructions were exactly the same, EXCEPT that it said to insert master key and turn ON and OFF five times (vs. simply INSERT and REMOVE)

When I keep trying to program the other two keys, the security light does not come on and stay on after step 3 (I'm not sure it did stay on solid the time it worked, though, actually). Instead, it just blinks. When I insert the new key, it just keeps on blinking...and blinking...and blinking. I am pretty sure that I waited up to two minutes, but the light doesn't stop blinking, and the keys don't work. The engine will "crank", but will not start and run with the two new keys that I cannot get to program. Toyota dealership says the only way to program a key is with their special computer--that you can't do what I did with the Sienna and now with one key for the Sequoia. (So, I have a trust issue there.) Toyota dealer wants SEVERAL hundred to thousand dollars to "fix" it. I don't think I need to spend that much money (that I don't have to spend)... What are your thoughts/suggestions?

If the 2006 Sequoia keys can all be removed (as a previous poster said) except for 1 master, how can I do that (to presumably make room for the two extra keys that I want to program)? Is there a way that I can remove the other keys from the ECU memory myself?
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