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TRD Alloys for towing?

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We have a 2010 Platinum which we'll use primarily for work. It's other use will be for towing our travel trailer on vacations, 8000lb ready to go. My question is, would a different set of wheels with more sidewall and a better load rating then the 20's, improve my towing weight/experience/safety?
I see that the 2010 SR5's have a tow rating substantialy higher then the Plat's. . .

TRD Wheel -17 inch Forged Alloy ONE (1) (PTR45-34070)
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More sidewall, no, more load capacity, most likely. Your tow rating is less because your truck weighs more. You have to subtract that. I think a sway bar and maybe air bags or roadmasters may be your first choice if you want/need to upgrade.

The last wheel I'd get to tow with would be the 17" factory wheel
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