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TRD/CAI warranty and install questions

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I know theres ALOT of stuff on this but I have two small questions and an FYI. The TRD exhaust came as one whole piece so are the rubber mounts easy to get into/out of with the hangars or is there a trick to it? My dealer wants $125.00 just for the exhaust install so I'm gonna do it.

Some have asked about a warranty on the stuff...on the box for the CAI there's a sticker that states...

"This Part is for Race or Off-Highway Use Only and has No Warranty" Installation of this part on a vehicle operatedon public roads may violate federal, state, or local laws or regulations including, but no limited to, emission requirements and motor vehicle safety standards. In California this part may legally be used only on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads. See TRD Catalog Warranty Section for details.

Not trying to spook anybody but this hadn't been mentioned and wondered if others have gotten one with the filter. On that note, can anyone tell me the sight where I may be able to switch out the red connectors on the CAI for silver ones? I remember it being on here but don't recall the site.

Thanks all :cool:
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