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It’s pretty much sold out but the team at found a way to get their hands on a TRD Pro Tundra. And you can too.

With fewer than 10,000 TRD Pro models made, including the Tacoma, 4Runner and Tundra, finding a dealership with one still on their lot might be hard, if not impossible.
Enter the folks at Toyota Racing Development. Not only did they build the parts for the production models, but they’re also offering all of the components so you can build your own TRD Pro truck.
And that’s just what they did. transformed a stock Tundra into a TRD Pro. But does it really perform like one?
That’s what they decided to find out. AutoGuide Truck Expert Stephen Elmer traveled to the California High Desert half way between LA and Las Vegas to meet up with Editor-in-Chief Josh Burns – who brought along a stock TRD Pro Tundra so they could find out.
Watch as these two trucks, and these two men, test their skills and put their trucks to the test in a series of challenges and one exciting off-road race!

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