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I am going to be offing my spare trd blower soon and am missing a single part but will be machining it soon it is the triangular idler pulley bracket which I have attached a picture of.
I am posting in case either someone will sell me one or if anyone needs one I can make a few.extras.
also I thought I'd let this forum have the first Crack at my spare blower before I do the eBay thing I'm located in south los angeles and have a 2000-2002 style blower with the 9th injector complete with the piggy back ecu thermostat housing fuel lines etc. I didn't post it in the classifieds as it is only a 95% complete kit and not yet ready to sell.
If you can help me or I can help you out with the brackets or sc let me know 949 315 5664 thanks aaron
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