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Anyone have any intel on the Tundras that TRD tricked out back in the early 2000s? I have a 2002 SR5 with the 4.7 litre that I bought new. Now have 262,000 miles with no major issues. Regularly do maintenance on it. Among the things that TRD did was an alarm system. The alarm fob has 2 buttons, one for panic mode and the other for alarm activate/deacctivate. As time has taken its toll, the fobs are breaking apart. I ordered 2 new ones on line, but have to locate the "brain" for the alarm. Toyota dealer says alarm was installed by TRD, not factory and not dealer, but NOONE knows where brain might be. Dealer said for $90.00 per hour they would have a tech "look" for it. I declined as I pictured an empty wallet, dash parts back to me in a box and still no answer. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it. Other than my 67 chevelle SS, I love my Tundra! Thanks in advance!
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Went through the same issue with my 2002. Tried a few new fobs, could never get truck to go into program mode. A tech at a local audio-alarm shop tried with the same results. There are a couple of "how to's" on YouTube but none of them worked for me. My son has an 03 and I tried giving him the new fob. His truck entered into "program mode" using one of the YouTube procedures, but would not program fob.
Ended up just getting a new fob case online and put the old inners into it. Still just have one fob and one in my parts box which I will try to get programmed to my sons truck next time he visits. Lots of threads on this site addressing this issue.... Frustrating... Chap
Now you got me ready to crawl under the dash and try again. "Hope" is the motivator. I would like to get the second fob working. Chap
My truck does not have the indicator light as you mentioned. Thanks for the link and the video... Says that my truck has "VP CONVENIENCE PKG W/KEYLES ENTRY",. I will do further checking to find out what that actually means.
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