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I’d like to like to put this post in the right place and get input to help me solve this problem.

The patient is a 2002 Tundra 3.4 Liter 5VZFE with 210k miles

history unknown & no codes stored, bought not running, supposedly just died, previous owner waited and started again and hobbled home with an engine vibration

I can crank it over and it would fire up momentarily with gas pedal pressed with significant engine vibration. Will not stay running

Tasks completed:

1) obd2 says no codes stored...but my Z8 harbor freight reader is kinda crap (suggestions welcome)

2) pulled plugs, single ground was in in it black carbon build up, appeared to be running rich. Replaced with correct NGK duel ground, replaced OEM wire with NGK. Conducted spark test ... all good

3) Fuel filter replaced, have not tested fuel pressure regulator or injectors. (Quick Test suggestions appreciated

4) Pulled throttle body after seeing g the plugs pcv valve connector plug clogged, cleaned air idler valve, bench tested good, , cleaned MAF sensor....did not test TPS yet

5) Found that timing belt had skipped, looks like leaky water pump made a mess, big cleaning job, just wrapped up that complete job and the problem persists

6) Swapped the EFI relay wit no change

7) RPMs show up so Can I assume crank sensor works

8) Read a thread about ECU needs to be reset after slipped timing belt... maybe that?

Thoughts on next tests to prioritize.
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