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Mods certainly add to the truck’s weight! I was helping a friend off-load some construction materials on the weekend. For part of the load, we had to do a weigh-in and weigh-out as we would be charged for getting rid of the load (mainly wood and sheet-rock material). It turns out that the weight “empty” was 6680 pounds with just the two of us in it. Together we probably weigh around 400 lbs, so that leaves the truck weighing around 6280 lbs!!
So, the break-down as I can surmise must be that the added weight comes from all of the following:
  • Bull Bar
  • Tube Steps
  • Sub-woofer box and speakers
  • Dual rear-exit exhaust
  • Undercover bed-cover
  • Hitch step and pin
  • New wheels and tires
  • Portable battery charger and cables/tow lines, etc.
  • TRD sway bar
  • DT Headers
  • Two child-seats

Things that may have actually reduced the weight of the vehicle
  • Optimus battery
  • Bilstein 5100s front and back (though adding fog lights, differential drop and 1.5” rear blocks probably negated the benefit).

I don't think the other mods I've done would have impacted weight significantly and it isn't as if I have much of anything in the vehicle itself (i.e. bed or cab) that I can just remove save the portable battery charger and cables (but that would negate the point of having them).
Still, I was surprised at how much extra weight that put on the truck... seems to be over 500 lbs!! But, you wouldn't know it driving the beast... still drives very well!
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