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True Flow XDI Air Intake System for 2002 Tundra?

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Anyone know if True Flow makes the True Flow XDI Air Intake System for a 2002 V8 4.7L Tundra? If so where can I get one? Thanks.
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Oh ok, guess that's why I couldn't find their website. lol.
I was looking into a True Flow intake last fall. Couldn't find any info, so i googled it. Came across several threads on other forumns that said they went under. You can probably still find someplace with a few leftovers in stock, but there would be no warranty or customer support. And I was unable to find the XDI kit for our trucks.
Hmm... I think I might try out a Volant or Weapon R Secret Weapon Intake. I've seen mixed reviews for pretty much every intake so IDK lol.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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