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Tundra braking problem

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I have an 2007 Tundra with about 20K miles...initially, I remember the truck stops on the dime..I mean if I stop at the redlight, the truck would STOP and I can really feel it. This is even before the stainless brake line I installed.
But now it seems like it have lost this "bites" and kind of just "glide" to the stop...
What's going on? Is the brake pad just go south on me? Anyone experience this issue?
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Glazed pads/rotors. are they warped. I needed new rotors at @ 20k.
Are brake in such condition warrantied through standard 36k miles/3 years?
brake pads are not covered under any manuf. warranty. the brake master clutch and calibers and mechanics are so if they can find a problem with something in your brake system then yes, but not wearable items such as the brake pads or rotors.
I would try the obvious first. Bleed the brake system one more time to ensure you don't have some trapped air in the system from installing those new steel lines.

Take Good Care.:typing:
New rotors at 20? Damn, what are you doing, hot stops or hauling heavy loads? I have never changed a rotor on any Toyota that I have owned in the past 20 years. Hopefully this truck will follow suit.
Lugs may have been over torqued by the dealer when the gave me a free rotation
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