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I'm told Toyota Might be redesigning the front up clip on the new Tundra because of the Diesel and do the normal 3 year updates to the front end and taillight changes (planned In 3 year's) which is too be expected knowing Toyota Future plan's. During these transition changes wylcat also explained via phone the grill could possibly gain a engine cooler on the black useless gap on the top's of the 2007 Grill for an inter cooler for the New Diesel planned to make it's introduction in late 2008 that would be rather cool similar to the Ram air system:tu: :tu:.
The all new Sequoia is also planned to make it's debate very soon expected to see a lot of new Technology feature on the Tundra suv. I know from looking at Pictures on the New Sequioa expect to see Led's and a better overall turning ratio's on the New Sequioia and best in class Interior room headlight's too are focused better and slightly different from the Tundra but really hard to tell judging from pictures.I will be trying to gain more Information on the Sequioa and Very likely will be flying out to see it like I did the crewmax and Double cab.

Cheer's Erik
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