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Hey guys,
I have a 2014 Tundra Limited with 35,000 miles that has had the issues of the driver side door handle sticking open and not allowing the door to stay closed. It only does it occasionally. Per instructions from other members here I was told to take a picture of it when it happens and show it to the dealer. I brought this issue up to the dealer and they absolutely refused to replace it as it was operating fine at the dealership. I showed him the picture. They still didn't care and stated that it needed to happen in the shop. He finally said he would call Toyota and see what they said. Within 10 mins of leaving the shop he said he called Toyota and they said to replace it right away and sent out the part and to bring my truck back anytime and they would replace it at no cost to me.
Well I bring my truck back later on and they refused to replace it again stating that it works fine for them. I asked to speak to the service director and he absolutely refuses to fix the issue.

I called Toyota headquarters to file a complaint and I got the same answer from them. In order to qualify for the enhancement warranty it needs to be showing the issue when at the dealership and that the picture doesn't count. Toyota headquarters gave me a case number and said they noted my issue and that was it.

The only quick fix would be if I purchased all new door handles and replaced them myself, they are somewhat expensive and we shouldn't have to do that.

Is anyone else having issues with this? I find it absurd that I need to risk driving around until this gets bad enough that I can replicated it at the dealership. What can be done here?

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