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i have a 2000 tundra, v6 3.4l

when i accelerate hard it hesitates very bad.
if i accelerate easy it runs great, and cruising its fine,

if i'm in 1st, getting on the highway and put it to the floor, it hesitates, lunges, and finally after about 4500rpm it will act like it pulls out and starts going again...
its definatly down on power, and only get 16mph on the highway even anymore..

i've changed the 02, the maf sensor, tried fuel injector cleaner..
changed the plugs, wires, etc...
it all will work for about 40 miles then it's back to the same old stuff again..
its mainly when it's under 50 degrees out side.. seems to run fine when it's 70 out...

when i change the plugs, after 30,000 miles..
they come out with the tips orange!..
any ideas??????

2015 Toyota Tundra DC SR5 5.7L
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When was the last time you cleaned your throttle body? You might have enough buildup in there that is keeping the throttle plate from moving easily/opening completely. You're dumping fuel but starving the engine of air at the same time.
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