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Typical basic-truck buyers don't want a lot of extras, even when extras are rolled into the basic sticker price.
AMEN !! Now stop trying to force consumers to purchase DC's and CM's with "WORTHLESS" Sliding Rear Glass.Talk about worthless as tits on a Boar Hog :rolleyes:

"Traffic counts have been pretty high, but these (buyers) will wait until you have the exact truck that they want," Farley said.

Thats right Farley !! People dont want your overpriced vendor supplied bolt-ons forced into the sticker of a Truck they will purchase.Want to butter someones bread try the consumer first,then pay off your vendor. Not the other way around.
Aftermarket vendors are going to stomp a mud-hole in your Options ASSet's. :devil: The Smart Consumers will greet them with open wallets.

You try and sell a work horse in Texas it needs to look like a work horse !Save the limited for the City Slickers and build stripped down Work Trucks for the working class.
Toyo has a good product,but force feeding isnt very smart marketing .
TOYOTA's Frog better gets some wings ........

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