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Anyone know who did the tundra under the suspension link on the demello site. It is grey, has RG wheels..

It is f'n nice

I would like to get the specs on it.
It's got a huge Total Chaos logo sticker on the bedside...check with T/C. Great looking truck...


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Evan at Northridge Toyota owns it. ( I have no idea who or where that is)

Pictures here: TireGate spare tire carrier

Thread on SCT here: Official Show Off - Page 2 -

"RG 17" wheels.
285/75/r16 bfg mudds
TC LT with SAW
deavers and 2.5 SAW in the rear
Demello prerunner rear bumper
tiregate by wilco
glassworks fenders
fabworks custom front bumper
2 hella hids.........
trd SC"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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