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Just recieved my Recall Notice on the Tundra Frame Cross Member rusting out. I got it yesterday,5/3/10, and I was read that they were suppose to be mailed out 12/09 thru 2/10.
I see that besides the cross member they are also including the gas tank staps, but according to the recall notice,Toyota does not have a fix as of yet.
I don't know wheter to take the truck in now or wait until state inspection is due in Augtust of this year.
Has everyone else got thier recall notices?
I don't know if I should take the truck in now for inspection, or wait unitil the state inspection is due in August of this year.
Should I make a complaint to the NHTSA, because my whloe frame and front end is rusting badly on this meticulosly kept truck?
Shame on Toyota! I don't know who is worse, the Toyota Dealers or Toyota Motor Corp..
John (Rice Burner)
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