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Tundra Transmission Service

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I have a 2015 Tundra 5.7 with the 6 speed automatic transmission. I have 55K miles on it. I cannot find in the owner's manual any mileage interval for automatic transmission service. My understanding is that it is a "sealed" transmission. Does that mean it doesn't require servicing? I tow an RV with it, maybe once a month, for maybe 150 miles give or take. I'm not really wanting to fool with it myself, and I'm willing to take it to the dealer for servicing, but I'd like to see something from Toyota that specifies the interval. I'm sure the dealer would be happy to take my money.
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In my opinion, a Tundra transmission service is a DEALER ONLY job unless you are a fully equipped shop.


The filter is lifetime. Do not replace.

You only need to drain and fill. However, to do this properly, the transmission has to be at specific temperatures. Not operating temp, and not cold. I do not know the specifics but your dealer does. If you drain it cold, asI understand, you only get about ⅓ of the fluid out. Not sure why?!

Every other service can easily be done in your driveway but the trans is a headache to do it right, my dealer charged $192 for the fluid change and it was money well spent IMO.
True. But "knowledgable" is the key word and I am guessing 95% of the people on here don't have the proper tools to accurate read transmission temps, let alone the knowledge.

For me, it was well worth paying a little extra to be sure it was done right.

I just did valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, water pump, pulleys, etc. and saved probably $1000 over the stealership but those tasks just take time to do right.
Good to know. Probably still won't DIY it lol.
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