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Hi, everyone, I have an '04 Tundra access cab TRD 2WD with 81K miles that has the vibration at around 60mph, despite new road force balanced tires. The center support bearing seemed soft, so yesterday I removed the driveshaft and replaced the bearing along with new mid and rear u-joints.

I ordered the replacement parts from Rockauto, and the u joints were moog 269's. I pressed in the first u joint and got the c - clips seated with no problems, but on the second u joint, I could not get the bearing caps pressed in far enough to seat the second clip. It seemed to lack about half the thickness of the clip. I removed them twice more, verified that none of the needle bearings had fallen out of place, and that there was no other foreign materials in the bearing caps nor on the end of the shafts. I ended up installing a duralast u joint, which installed easily.

Has anyone else ever had this experience with a U joint?

Both of the moog u joints from Rockauto had the same part #s on the box and on the joints themselves.

The problem was on the yoke that holds the center bearing in place. Any chance that I squeezed the yoke and bent it while pressing out the old u joint?

Unfortunately, the new parts did not cure the @#$% vibrations around 60 mph, either.
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