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Ultra rim owners(questions)

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Im trying to push myself over the edge to make the jump and purchase some ultra mammoth,or goliath rims. I really like them both, problem is im pretty picky about ride quality. I need some help from our ultra rim owning members. 1 are you happy with your purchase? 2 how do they ride? 3 how is your chrome holding up over time? 4 do they cause any vibration-shaking of the steering wheel? Im leaning towards the mammoth 22by 10 inch rims. What tires do you guys advise, i was wanting something more meaty and rugged looking with out being too over done.Keep in mind most of my driving is on the highway. I found some cooper zeon ltz tires in this size for 177 apiece. Do you guys think this would look nice on a radient red double cab,and did you guys have any rubbing issues w/o lift. sorry for all the questions but i really need some help. THANKS IN ADVANCE YOU GUYS ARE #:first:
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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