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Has anyone actually had the warranty pay for any issue on their Tundra? I have been told no twice even though I have done all scheduled maintenance. Latest was a spring on cylinder 3 where they said no because I did not change the spark plus BEFORE 100k. I think this is a continued problem on the Tundras and I wish a recall would happen at some point.

If you are considering the warranty do not bother IMO as all I have heard was negative results when you try to get it covered. Just a heads up to save you money and time.
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If you are referring to the warranty by Toyota, yes they covered 1 repair for me several yrs ago. However, recently with our 2014 highlander, they did not want to pay for a rear latch failer that they said was impossible to fail. It required extensive work and they did agree to pay part of it. But it could be the dealer. I've had problems with this dealer for the past couple of yrs so I don't know if it is a Toyota issue or the dealer.
I will say the reliability of our highlander is not of typical Toyota reliability.
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