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upgrade brakes

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I have a 2001 sequoia, and I've been reading about the TSB caliper upgrade. I couldn't find where you guys purchased the upgrade from. Autozone, Napa, advanced auto? If you guys can provide product numbers that would be most helpful. I appreciate the help.Thanks,Ryan
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the calipers you want are the 13WL. check the back of your calipers to see if it's stamped with something other than 13WL. if it is, then you'll want the upgrade.

try Auto Parts Market to source it from a salvage'll be cheaper than getting the calipers at autozone, napa, kragen, etc. ~ $25 per caliper plus shipping. just be sure you get all the mounting bolts.

you'll also need the properly sized rotors to go with it too. You can get some new rotors with pads from Brakemotiv on ebay -
Toyota Sequoia 13WL 2001 2002 Brake Rotors & Pads F+R: eBay Motors (item 220646162157 end time Aug-29-10 22:22:33 PDT)

I was all set to go this route, but found out my set was already updated and I didn't need to spend the $s yet for new rotors.
You do not need properly sized rotors. The rotors size on your car is fine. I would suggest you have them turned, that way you have a fresh rotor surface to go along with the new brake pads.

Check this out
Crewmax is right. I had assumed because of the Ebay listing, that the 13WL calipers required matching rotors, when in reality it requires matching pads.
Thanks, so I'm assuming the Tundra brakes are the same as the Sequoia brakes?
As long as it's 05-06''s the same as the 03'+ Sequoia.
What big-o said
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