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Alright guys... I’ve been lurking for a while... ever since I had to replace my ‘08 when it got crushed by a semi truck while my oldest daughter was coming home from class. Bought a 2011 SR5 DC 4x2 to replace it.

DW and I are seriously considering upgrading from our 2003 24’ travel trailer to something a bit bigger. Something that is going to require a Gooseneck or a 5th wheel. Found one that is within the weight limits based on the scales and our E Rated tires and is priced to sell. If possible, we’d pull the trigger on this next month.

So I’m considering 3 upgrades but want to see if anyone has done all of these.

1- Transfer Flow Tank
2- Set of Firestone Airbags
3- Hide a Hitch gooseneck ball coupled to an Anderson Ultimate Hitch

My fear is that these will have some overlapping attachment points or fit issues. I could switch to a universal rail kit with traditional 5th wheel, but am worried about the extra weight.

The alternative is I upgrade and go to Diesel. Based on my mechanic’s input, either a 2014 or newer F-250 or F-350 in a SRW. No need for duallie.

If you have done these upgrades, any insights or photos would be awesome!
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Picked up my Andersen Ultimate Hitch today here locally.

My B&W Hidden Goose neck hitch is on the way and should be here by Friday.

With these 2 items, I cannot do Airbags. I can only do heavy duty Jounce Bumpers...

Install photos coming soon
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