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I recently purchased a 2013 Tundra Double Cab from the auction. The truck is in great shape for 87,000 miles. However, I do notice there is a small bit of vibration at about 70 mph - 85 mph. The guy who helped me buy from the auction took off my front two tires for a balance. I was there for this, and we found that the driver side tire (in addition to being out of balance) had what they described as a "small hop" when it was spun on the balancing machine. The tires are in great condition and are pretty much new, but i didn't buy them so i doubt Firestone or the original shop will replace them. After re-balancing the tires the vibration has decreased, but is still there.

If I replace the tire, or move it to the back, is there a chance this would happen to another tire? I guess my real question is more of: Is it just something that was wrong with the tire, or is there an issue with the truck that made the tire that way?

Also, they noted that in bigger trucks with larger tires, this tends to happen and there is usually a small amount of vibration on most trucks of this size. (just the nature of owning a full size Truck) Is this true? I'm just worried that there may be some underlying issue that I would like to be aware of as soon as possible.

Thanks for any advice in advance,
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