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Hi everyone.

I have a lift question for my 07 DC 4wd.

Anyone have thoughts on running the Daystar front spacer lift, but only using the 1.25" spacer that mounts over the strut? I'm just wanting a little insurance for 265/75/16 AT tires and want to level out the truck a bit. By using the upper spacer only I wouldn't have to mess with spring compressors and it seems like an inexpensive and easy solution for a guy who won't be doing much off-roading.

Also, my thought is that 1.25" isn't such a large lift (like the 3" over-strut spacers offered at extremetrucktoys) that I would run into any bottoming out or other issues. Extremetrucktoys also offers a 2" above-strut spacer for $116.00, which is about twice the cost of the Daystar spacers.

Could I go wrong with this setup?
If the kit is still the same and using the poly urethane spacers, the spacer you want installed has three grooves. This is to accomdate the three top plate mounting bolts. If you plan to use the top spacer, those stock mounting bolts are not long enough and your kit should have supplied you with longer ones. Which has to be installed to install the top spacer. That means you have to disassemble the coil pack and will still be using a spring compressor.
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