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*** V6 Links - 3.4 & New 4.0 VVTi ***

Recent Edits: Some threads have been merged to combine like content and clean up the forums. If you feel a thread is missing, please do a Search FIRST and then let me know and I'll try to help you find what you're looking for. I'm also scouring all the forums for related V6 discussions and adding those links HERE in the Engine & Drivetrain Discussions Forum.

Listed below are various threads that discuss the V6 engine for ALL Toyota Vehicles:

'05 Tacoma engines to get VVT

'05 Tacoma V6 Needs 91 Octane Premium gas!

2005 TRD V6 Supercharger???

3.4 V6 Nos Question

Multi Mode 4WD in 2WD vs 4WD (AWD) V6 Only

04 Tacoma V6 Running Temp

Remote Oil Filter in Tacoma V6?

V-6 Check Engine P0171 & P0420 Trouble Codes

A/T V6 Gearing Question?

Who Got Their SS Autochrome V6 Headers Group Buy?

V6 SuperChargers and Turbos (General)

3.4L V6 TRD Superchargers

'03 VVT-i V6 Timing Belt or Chain?

V-6 and Power

Towing with a V6

Tires on a V6 Tundra...Help

How many V6 owners?

Highlander 3.0L V6 Oil Change

How much oil for the V6?

Air Filter Element on a V6

V6 Supercharger

Tundra V6 engine question

4.0 V6 Coming to the Tundra?

V6 Mileage?

2002 V6 Tundra - How Rare???

How do you like the V6 Tundra?

Tundra V6 Mods

Is the V6, 5-Speed combo reliable?

02 V6 exhaust - need your help...

V6 High-rev on start up?

Tundra, Tacoma & 4-Runner V6

TRD vs JBA Headers (V6)

How good is the V6 Tundra?

V8 Exhaust on V6

...Supercharged V6 vs stock V8?

V6 Ping

NOTE: If there's a V6 link I've missed, then please PM me personally and I'll make sure it's added. Same goes for dead threads that need to be deleted.

Thanks - Go V6-ers! :D


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