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Vibration/shuddering only on acceleration...

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Ok, so these are the symptoms on my 2008 Tundra 4.7 4x4 DC 150k.
From a dead stop, accelerating, it starts to vibrate/shudder between 30-35mph on light to moderate acceleration only.
If I’m aggressively accelerating, it won’t do it. It shifts normal and smooth.
This is my first Tundra and have been reading numerous posts here and elsewhere of similar issues. My brother had an ‘09 5.7 DC 4x4 with similar issues. His turned out to be the carrier bearing. Difference was his did it continuously regardless of light, moderate, or aggressive acceleration.
Things I will be getting checked as recommended for possible causes..
1) Torque Converter/trans (fluid drain/fill soon)
2) Carrier Bearing
3) U joints
4) Driveshaft
5) Tires/rims for abnormalities
6) trans & motor mounts
7) LSD
8) Spark plugs/coils
9) fuel pump

These are amongst the common issues I’ve found amongst owners reports. Some aren’t as common but possible culprits. Or maybe even combination of a few.
Some reports indicated trans service stopped it, while other reports recorded worse symptoms after.
Some reported symptoms resumed after TC/trans replacement w/reprogramming.
I have also noticed some threads weren’t resolved and/or reported with final outcome. This has been frustrating to say the least.
I will be sure to report any and all findings here and dig deeper. I did forget to mention that I have no DTC’s at the moment. Dealership is of no help as they have said that they can’t fix it without a code. I find that to be hilarious but I’m sure they’re trying to stay out of an endless loop of throwing parts at it to see what sticks. Took it to 2 dealerships with the same BS. I asked how ASE certified mechanics did it before codes. They didn’t give an answer directly in relation to my question. Even with a limited Powertrain warranty they won’t proceed further without codes.
So luckily I have a few friends who own repair shops that can assist me in diagnosis. I could just went to them but figured with a warranty, I would of got some type of help.
If anyone here has any related advice, opinions, facts, etc., please feel free to reply. I would like to get this figured out ASAP and pass along the info to others. Or if you feel I should look elsewhere of what I’ve listed.
Thanks for taking time in reading this post.
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If not lifting it, check out drive shaft super store's one piece driveshaft.
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Probably because the drive shaft went through Quality control at 4:55 on a Friday......or first thing Monday morning. Could of just lossed a weight. Toyota transmissions are very reliable, especially after 2002, so that's the last place I would of looked.......but of course, there is always Murphy's Law.
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