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VPN for iPhone and VPN for Android: they are really necessary today
Mobile technologies have burst into our lives even more strongly than the science fiction writers of the 20th century expected. We have actually moved to mobile phones, and it's not just that we correspond with everyone there, including the closest ones. We make purchases, transfer confidential information, and log in to a mobile Bank. Of course, we expect that all this data will not get to hackers. But what do we do for this?

How often do we connect to a public Wi-Fi hotspot in a cafe, in transport, or in an urban environment? We do it without thinking. Meanwhile, public Wi-Fi routers are extremely vulnerable to hacking, and a significant portion of these access points do not even have a password. And this is the first answer to the question why you need a VPN for mobile devices. You should set up a VPN on your phone, if only because it encrypts everything you send to the Network. Installing and properly configuring a VPN on your phone is the first step you can take right now. Fortunately, you are in the blog of a VPN service that has a free version.

Installing and configuring a VPN on your phone is also worth it because it is profitable in the truest sense. Moreover, the VPN settings here can be different — and in different cases give different benefits. We are talking about situations when you order a product, flight tickets, or hotel over the Internet. This may surprise You (although if you have read other articles on our blog, you already know this), but for residents of different regions of the world, all of the above costs different money. Sometimes very different. When you set up a VPN on your phone, you will be able to test VPN servers in different parts of the globe (for example, BroVPN has servers in 11 countries and their number is growing) and understand how to use the VPN service to the maximum benefit.

Finally, another reason to install and configure a VPN on your phone is to bypass government censorship. In many countries, access to a number of 'unfriendly' sites and entire social networks is restricted. But What do you care about the relationship of politicians? You want to watch your favorite content, chat with friends or do business in the social networks you need, wherever you are! And all You need to do is install and configure a VPN on your phone.
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