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2004 Toyota Highlander, 6cyl, 96+k miles.

See the end of the post, A SOLUTION!

I have noted the VSC light illuminate after a car wash and then "cure itself" as things dry out, but have never experienced what happened tonight. I drove to a restaurant about 15 miles away without incident, but when leaving about 2 hours later, the following happened.

The VSC light illuminates and the wheels begin to lock up as if trying to prevent a skid, BUT on dry pavement. Vehicle is moving forward at about 10 mph.

Ambient outside temperature about 20F. No rain or snow.

I have noted a number of suggestions, including removing the ECU-B fuse and checking on the vacuum hose. Also the yaw sensors under the driver's seat.

12/13/2009 I used the suggestion of pulling the ECU-B fuse. That made the problem go away, but I hesitate to say it is "solved."

More background, I had new tires and a wheel alignment at about 88k miles. I had a battery replaced about 95k miles (1k miles ago). Some posts mention the wheel alignment could cause the problem and of course the battery replacement would reset everything just like pulling a fuse,

In any event, although no one addressed my situation directly, there was plenty of info on the site to point me in the correct direction.

Thank you.
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