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so i am about to order a 3/1 leveling kit for my 2010 tundra double cab limited 4x4 as well as a helper air bag setup for the rear due to towing reasons, as well as the kmc 18 by 9 xd monstars with 35 mill off set/ i would like to run toyo open country mts 33x12.5x18 or nitto trail grapps at 285/65/18 32.83x 11.93 or 295/70/18 34.5x11.73. i am very concerned i want to run these but i dont want to worry about rubbing issues. i am willing to relocate front mud flap forward and move the inner fender plastic a bit( can this be done, is there room) but thats it. i tow a holiday trailer with quad and gear in back. will i rub with the two that are at 33s and will i rub or not even consider the 34.5s if towing on crappy roads? i wanna order as i am picking er up on tuesday.. cant wait.
sorry for asking again but am hesitant to order tires without some good feedbak. i would like to run the 295/70/18 the most but let me know what you think.

as well where is the best place to pickuop the air bags for the rear?
i was thinking of the LRO 3/1 and firestone airbags but pretty pricy..
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