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Hi all!

From what I have been reading, the limited edition has all the bells and whistles, right? I am looking to purchase a decked out 05-06 and want to know a couple things.

1. Is the navigation really not worth it? I have a nice Garmin in my Tundra that works great and I would not mind using it in the new Avie.

2. Do you have to purchase the Navi to get the Bluetooth? I really want the Bluetooth capability, but not enough to buy a lousy Navigation.

3. If the seats are heated, does that mean they are also A/C'd? I live in Miami and the Air conditioned seats sound fantastic. Are heated/A/C'd the same?

4. Lastly, do all the Avies have the MPG computer? Or do I need to get a specific option? I really want to track my MPG, as I am trading in my beloved 01 TRD Tundra because of the crappy 16 MPG.

Most important...I want to thank you all, this site ROCKS!


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I suggest you spend some time at the www.mynewavalon web site. It will answer many of your questions, including some you haven't asked yet.

(1) The NAV is a subjective question. Some will answer yes, others no. To me, the positives include a nice large display in a convenient location for the driver, and reduced likelihood of theft. The negatives include several annoying bugs that Toyota will neither acknowledge or correct, that you sacrifice continuous display of audio and temperature information when the nav is in use, and that many nav features are locked out when the vehicle is in motion.

(2) Thw bluetooth is only available in certain regions of the country, added by a distributor. I don't know if nav is required for bluetooth. I suggest you do a search for bluetooth posts on this forum, toyota nation, and edmunds carspace forums.

(3) Yes. The front seats in the Limited are both heated and cooled/ventilated.

(4) I think the answer is yes. I don't use the MPG computer. It is just as easy and more accurate to keep a running record of the trip meter reading and gallons purchased each time you fill the tank.
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