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We have a winner!

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Congratulations to flyin6, :first: our June, 2011 Rig of the month (ROTM) contest winner!
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What!!!! He won, who did he pay? This has to be rigged!!! LOL!!!!

Just kidding. Well Deserved! Congrats Don!
Cool, flying6 congrats..I think you have the most modded functional 1st gen.Looks great!:tu:
Congrats bro!!!! Lon I was going to ask you why you closed that thread before we could congratulate him in it.
I closed it to keep people from voting. I can open it back up!
That old picture has to be changed out to the updated pics to show it in its most current AWESOME-NESS! SAS conversion, And all.
As it should be :becky:
:first: Congrats well deserved :becky:
Congrats man nice truck!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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