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I know, already a bunch of threads on this site about this. The problem is most guys say their mat is the best because that's what's in their truck and that's all they know. Well how many can say they have actually had both mats side by side at the same time for the same vehicle and did a true comparison? From day one I was never a huge fan of my Weathertech mats. Nothing really bad, just always thought that for the price they could have done a few things better in the design and fit. Well the wife got me Husky Weatherbeater mats for Fathers Day. Much as I wasn't a huge fan of the WT's, I still wouldn't have bought new mats for the same vehicle myself. Note my name here however, pretty much explains why I wouldn't have spent the extra money. Anyways, I thought I could maybe help a few other members in the future by allowing them make the most educated decision they could to decide for themselves what they like best and why.
Couple of very important things to remember here. Husky has 3 different versions of mats, X-Act, Weatherbeater, and Classic style. WT has 2 versions, FloorLiner and All Weather. This comparison is between WT's FloorLiner and Husky's Weatherbeater. This can be a big deal on how both brands fit in a vehicle so heads up on that. Both are for my 2012 Tundra crewmax.
Cost at the time I posted this thread of the WT's, all 3 pieces, $282.90. Husky's were $257.95. Both prices shown are Cdn dollar amounts so US prices will be lower for both. This also ins't to say someone else can't find either mat cheaper, just using it as a current comparison.
And no, I don't work for Husky but yes, I admit I personally like these better and will gladly take kick backs from them, LOL. I'm not here to start a pissing contest with anyone, but by all means please feel free to offer up your opinion as well.
If anyone wants to see any other pictures let me know soon as I plan on selling the WT's shortly.


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