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Weight distribution and Bags

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Hey y’all! So we tow our 37’ 2018 Highland Ridge Light 312BHS with our V8 5.7L tundra. I bought the tundra years ago with a 3” lift in the front and no lift in the back.

This creates a really bad sag when the trailer is hooked up. I have a HUSKY TS weight distribution hitch/bars. I understand that bags and WD hitches do two very different things. But does anyone have experience with this type of lift?

I am considering putting bags in the rear to level the truck, re adjusting the hitch per manufacturer set up to the new level, and then leaving my bags at the level whether towing or not.

Also, I know this trailer is heavy for this truck. We only campsite hop with this truck, 10-15 miles max
. If the trailer needs to be towed the 300 miles home we would hire or use our families truck.

Thanks so much!



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