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Hello all,

What is your experience? What kind of Weight Distribution Hitch should I get for my setup?

I have an aluminum I-beam trailer with Steel Tongue (MagicTilt TALS2460). I have a really long tongue on my trailer and every system I have seen online has short tongues with WDH connected to the A Arms. (see Photo). I've been told that a WDH doesn't work with Surge Brakes but says there are models that do.

More Detail than you really want to know:

I am looking for a weight distribution hitch for a 2010 Toyota Sequoia Platinum towing a 2012 Everglades 230.

I am going to say that I have the current 2015 Sequioa towing capacity of 7000lbs not 8800lbs as listed in my manual. I only mention this because they are essentially the same vehicle, I'll go with the current SAE J2807 rating.

The weight of the boats and trailer is about 6700lbs, TW 700-800lbs (expected not actually weighed) at the most from what I calculate.
Everglades 230CC4400
Yamaha F300570
100 Gallons Fuel625
Trailer TALS2460825

What are your thoughts and Any positive feedback is much appreciated.


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I did a quick search on wdh for boat trailers. Sounds like etrailer is right. I would run one if I were you. Made a huge difference on my 6k camper trailer.
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