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Welcome to Texas Region Tundra Country! - New Members Please Introduce Yourself Here!

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Welcome to Texas Tundra Country!

We always enjoy welcoming another Texan onboard. Please feel free to post on this thread and introduce yourself and tell us about your Tundra.

We have a great group of Texans on this site. We hope you will consider joining in our Texas Tundras Meets and of course our BS sessions we have here in Texas.

If you need any asistance, please feel free to PM me or Hover so that we may assist you. Or pop a post so that The Gang may help you with any questions you may have.

Once again, welcome to Texas Tundra Country! We will be looking forward to your postings.

Dan (Possum) & Mike (Hover)
Your Texas Moderators
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hey peeps, new guy here, been lookin to get a tundra since 2005, long story short, i've owned 2 tacomas already n ready to get rid of my x-runner n get a 2010 tundra trd sport. soon as i can get a good deal n maybe rebate n sell my parts, imma b joinin the tundra crew. curious as too wat u guys paid for a double cab tundra vs a crew max. is it worth gettin the crew max? curious on wat yall gotta say. funny thing is that i dont even have the truck yet n i already decided on gettin a corsa sport exhaust.
Take the powersticks over the Corsa.....just my opinion.
Both. 2 Sticks + install would cost you 1/3 of what the Corsa + install would cost......and they sound bad azz!!
Just bought a 2010 Silver CM and also in the Houston area
Hey fellow texas owners. I just wanted to make my introduction and see what it takes to get in the texas owners club and I'm definately intersted in meeting up with with yall sometime. I have been on and off the site, but now my job allows me to have more time to spend on this awesome site to see what other are up to. As far as my truck i have everything I have done to it in the signature part. My truck gets all my attention and I love to put alot of work into it. I did everything myself and i really respect other that DIY. Look forward to what this texas club does and the next meet.
hey fellow texans. new tundra owner here in san antonio. 2010 DC SR5. looking forward to some local gatherings.

question: does anyone here in San Antonio have a scan gauge tool that would be willing to help me turn off the annoying seat belt chime???
hey fellow texans. new tundra owner here in san antonio. 2010 DC SR5. looking forward to some local gatherings.

question: does anyone here in San Antonio have a scan gauge tool that would be willing to help me turn off the annoying seat belt chime???
I didn't know a ScanGauge II would do that, but if you can get to Houston, we can try it with mine.
Hi everybody from North Richland Hills! I'm the proud owner of a 2010 Slate SR5 DC with leather interior!! I moved up from a 2002 Tundra with 145k miles on it. I didn't do anything to the 02, but want to make the 2010 my own. I've got about $800 in my cart at I'm thinking about buying some HIDs for my lows, highs and fogs, then doing the LED upgrade inside the cab and on the license plates. There's a lot I want to do, but have no clue. Like get the 4/6 lowering kit and some new rims (I hate the styled steel), but I have no idea what size I need to be looking at or what the sizes even mean.
Whats up guys? I just recently purchased a 2009 Tundra TRD Sport DC, red, this last weekend and it is bad ***!!!! Lovin every bit of it....Just found this forum and am pretty stoked to talk with everyone else that has Tundras for all your info on anything! Take care all!.....Oh and i will have pics up here shortly....
Fellow Texans,

As of 4 June 2010, I am a certified owner of the 2010 Tundra DBL Cab 4x4 with the 4.6L V8. I was raised in a town south of San Antonio, went to college in NY, then will be stationed at Fort Hood, TX come 2011. If available, wouldn't mind joining up on a meet, but looking forward to good times on the forum.

New to the forum, have been peeking at it for a couple of weeks. Purchased an 07' Tundra DC TX Edition a little over a month ago......loving every minute of it.

Looking forward to bs'in and seeing the different stuff u guys are doing to ur trucks.

No new Texans in 5 months? Well, heh, heh . . . that's too long! Looking forward to learning and participating. I've already benefitted from the accumulated knowledge on this forum. Special thanks to Mike at Handy Toyota and Michael at Cavender Toyota. I've talked with both and they've saved me a lot of time, money, and aggravation.
Hi There
My name is Henk Diesel and I am from The Woodlands, Houston. I have just joined now. I am originally from Cape Town South Africa. I bought myslef a 2010 Tundra Limited Luchesse in Sept. What a pleasure!! Wish they were selling them in South Africa
I am from Ft. Worth, Texas... Texas Born, Texas Made like my 2011 Tundra Crewmax..
Hey y'all. My name is John and I live here in Leakey a small town west of San Anton. I have an 06 DC LTD 4x4. Wife has 08 DC Tacoma. Grew up with numerous Toyota's in the family. I sell real estate so I go some pretty tough spots and haven't had the chance to test my Tundra out yet. I know a bit about Toyota's, and I'll be glad to help anyone I can.
New member from the Valley, Rio Grande City, Texas.

I drive a 2009 TRD Sport RCSB Toyota Tundra. Loving the power of the 5.7!!!
Hi Everyone,

I look forward to some good Tundra news & events.... :beavbutt:
Hello everyone:
Let me start by saying I'm the proud owner of a 2009 Tundra DC TRD 4x4 that I bought new. I have customized my truck with scratches and dents from Mesquite trees from Brownwood, TX to boulders in Gilmer, TX. I am originally from Pennsylvania and then I joined the military and been all over the world. I now live just east of Dallas in a little town called Talty.
Hi everyone. My name is Trish & I'm the proud owner of a 2008 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Limited. We both reside in Ft Worth TX & look forward to meeting other Tundra owners.
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