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Hi TD, I'm considering the new Venza. I want to go with the 2.7L with AWD. What options did you get for your

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4 cyl I can't remember the displacement 2 wheel drive.

Pretty much the lowest model. It does great on the highway and about town. She traded down from a Mercedes E 350 (this economy sucks!) and has no complaints about the difference in power. and likes the extra room afforded by the Venza. Passenger comfort is great. I'm 6'2" and 220 lbs and I actually prefer riding in the back seat (Yes. it's that roomy).

I've driven it a few times and have no complaints about getting on the freeway, It's not my Tundra, but it will get out of it's own way. The 6 spd transmission makes all the difference. Good engine with great gearing. It only has to be fueled 1/2 as often as my Tundra and takes less to fill it up.

All in all we are very pleased so far.
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