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A couple of things have started happening in our '03 Avalon LS, and I plan on taking it to the dealer for remedy, but I want to toss it out here and see if anyone has any insight, just for my own enlightenment.

First, the drivers side mirror got knocked off a while back, and we had it in for the fix; no problem. Now, a month or so back, the drivers side door stopped locking with the remote - have to manually lock it; and sometimes, when the car is sitting in the direct sun and gets hot on that side, it wont unlock, either.

Second, last week, the radio started resetting to default every time it is turned off, either with the dash control, or when the car is shut off; all programming just disappears; the radio still plays just fine, but we have to manually tune it; if we reset the program buttons, it all goes away when we shut down again.

There are no CELs, and no other indications of anything faulty. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks for your consideration.

I posted this on the Avalon Board, too, so if there are any prohibitions against that, well ------.
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