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Hi. I recently "returned" my company vehicle, an 08 GMC Sierra, and purchased an 07 Toyota Tundra D-cab. My Sierra had an Extang Full-tilt, which I have no complaints about - 5+ years of hard service and New York road salt abuse, no problems.

Read a bunch of reviews on various tonneau covers. I'm interseted in something like a Truxedo which rolls up but stays on the truck, or possibly a fold-up semi hard cover. My Extang was pretty slick, but a hassle to take the whole cover off and leave it home if I needed access to the bed.

Complicating things is that I want to also use a rack which affixes crossbars directly over the bed - something like the Thule's 422XT - here 422XT Workman Multi-Height Aluminum Truck Rack - Thule - Thule Racks - Thule Professional, Karrite Industrial Truck & Van Racks, UWS Track Storage & Accessories
This is a slick rack setup because the bars can be set high like a ladder rack or low profile over the bed.

Alternatively, anybody know of a roof rack system which is compatible with the newer body style Tundras? (like Thule or Yakima mounted on the cab roof?)

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