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<snip> anyway just want to see what others near and far are pumping in there tanks.

BTW my fill up earlier came up to $63.xx for 91 octane:eek:
Whatever says is cheapest in zip 75075. :p
That usually means Quiktrip, Racetrack or Sam's Club. 87 octane. I've
also been running Lucas UCL every other tank. It helps a little in
mileage, but not as much as Lube Control's Fuel Power. I ran out of that & it's a PITA to get. Lucas is sold by the gallon at truck stops.

I do shy away from Shell since they ruined a lot of sending units a few years ago with too much sulphur in the gas. My mudder-in-law was a victim of that little fiasco.

Filled up yesterday for $58.44 from an eighth tank. Mileage was 16.95.
Woohoo, hopefully that means winter gas is gone. :D
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