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Today i found a trd supercharger with 9th injector forsale. Has 200k miles but just recently got fully rebuilt with paperwork. The guy is asking $5k... seems very steep
Since people see what I ask for a completely refurbished unit.
Some with brand new MP90 units, completely rebuilt auxiliary injectors, all new bolts, new thermostat, new idler pulley, new CNC machined spacers and brackets, new hoses, new fuel lines, brand new Unichip with 5 custom dyno maps etc....they think their used unit is worth as much.

I can tell you these units are NOT worth the price as you'll have to put in thousands more to get them running.
This will include purchasing new idler pulleys, and all new items mentioned earlier.
Unichip piggyback will require purchasing. Tuning and so forth.

If you want a TRD supercharger kit that will be completely refurbished/MP90 unit rebuilt and work the day you install it then you can get one from me, and not someone else's worn out junk they're offloading requiring thousands to fix

I have a total of 5 TRD Supercharger kits and assembly/refurbishing starts them at the time of purchasing/sale.
As detailed it is of course expensive to fix these and they are upgraded by request/exact expense passed forward at the time of rebuilding.
I've done porting upgrades for customers,thermal barrier and thermal dispersant coatings, conformable rotors that are 100% methanol compatible.
Dyno charts are in my possession showing the various kits I've assembled and their improvements.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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