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Hey there, picked up my 1st gen 3.4 Tundra in Mexico, pretty beat-up, working through replacing everything that should have been swapped out about a decade ago by the looks of it (worn bushings, tie rods, ball joints etc.). I replaced the rear shocks that were blown with some Bilsteins. Feeling much better, though the leafs are pretty worn and saggy so its a soft ride. So, I´m back at the front, and wondering what kind of struts it has. Google search for the numbers on the strut reveals nothing. It has stamped on them 739453 739459 Made in Mexico 015 020. Wanting to know if these are the originals, or budget Gabriels, Monroes, or even badass Duralast. It will help me prioritize how quickly I get round to changing them. They dont feel great, maybe blown. Any ideas?


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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