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Hi everyone.

2009 Yaris comes stock with 14in wheel, upgrades are 15in.
2010 Corolla comes stock with 15in wheels, upgrade alloy 16in.

I have a 2009 Yaris that came with 15's. I bought a wheel and tire package from tire rack last year that were 14's with higher side walls so that the overall circumference was the same as the stock 15's and the speedometer was not affected. I am buying a 2010 Corolla and I'm really hoping that the 16's that come on it are compatible with the higher side walled 14's.
The main question I guess is, "does Toyota put the same lug pattern on both of their small vehicles. I really hope so.

Thanks alot.

I just called tire rack and they said it is a different lug pattern, so my only hope is to find 14 rims with the same pattern that I can put these tires on.
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