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Wheel to Wheel Step bars for 06 D/C's

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Anyone manufacture the side step rails that will let you access bed from behind rear D/C door ? i haven't seen but a couple applications and they really look nice. Just can't find them from popular A/M sites!!
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I have looked at Westin Wheel-2-Wheel, use the link below, and click on Step up products, then wheel-2-wheel

Westin Automotive
I will check both of these thanks for input! great sites and they also had a lotta nice accesories!! They are $$$ but that's what i am looking for, wanta be able to get into bed and check wipers/clean windshield i hope that can be done with this bar! pictures not very good but i will surf around and find better pics! Thanks again!!
Bought mine {after much calling and shopping websites} from Truck Customizers . com. Got the best price and delt with easy guys to talk to.Ended up with the Westin Signature series wheel to wheel in chrome over stainless. Everyone comments on how great they look and Mommy at 4' 10" likes 'em too!
I just got the stainless wheel-to-wheel from Westin. had a great price and they were delivered in one day. I am very satisfied with them so far.
GoRhino! makes a wheel to wheel step bars. I had them on my Super Duty, they are awesome!!
Nerf has a good deal + shipping paid but i think they look tacky?? stainless 445.90+tax and black powder 363.00 + tax and no shipping but if it does not look rite itwill not work for me!! i like the WAGG wheel to wheel but ya need to call for price and that tells me to get a bank loan off the get go!! westins are nice, i will check the rhino's !! i need help cause i am going to break seat controls due to my BIG *** rubbing on the seat adjusted just like i have done in my 93 Pu 4x4!! Toyota Nerf Bars, Sport Bars, Side Steps, Chrome Tubes this is the link that has them on sale for prices i quoted above!! i think the black would be fine for my white truck since i do not like that white metal plate that stick down under both doors that ya never wash!! i would think id it was hidden by a black bar it would be highlighted by the black tires. not much for S/S and they are 80 bucks more!! my luck they will be sold out!!
GoRhino! makes a wheel to wheel step bars. I had them on my Super Duty, they are awesome!!
I am 300 Lbs BIG BOY will they fold under me?
I have the Westin SS Chrome wheel-to-wheels and they have been great. I am 230 lbs and have jumped up and down on them with no give. About 18 months old with 2 winters on them and they look new.

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Pretty truck and runners!! they are proud of them and i see why good pic!!
I am 300 Lbs BIG BOY will they fold under me?
They should hold up just fine, even with your weight.
You could try rock sliders like these: Demello Offroad makes them. Very heavy duty.
Those square rock sliders were nice!! thanks for info/demello site!!
I scored a set of the black WAAG wheel-to-wheel bars on closeout for a super cheap price, but that was a while ago. You may want to see if anyone has some in back stock. I love mine.
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