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Brand new 2020 Toyota Hilux normally comes in different specs. In Nigeria, we have so many specification of brand new and tokunbo Toyota Hilux for sale in Nigeria. They come in automatic and manual transmission. So many Nigerians prefer the automatic transmissions while others prefer the manual transmission.
When it comes to the cylinders, they come in two variants. We have the brand new 2020 Toyota Hilux V4 for sale in Nigeria and the brand new 2020 Toyota Hilux V6 for sale in Nigeria. The V4 model is mostly used as security vehicles. The V6 has a bigger body and a bigger engine capacity. This V6 model is used by private individuals because of the luxurious features it comes with.

Coming to the interior, they come in leather and fabric interior. The ones with leather interior tends to be more costlier than the one with fabric interior. Both the fabric and leather interior are all sweet.

As for when the 2020 Toyota Hilux will arrive in Nigeria. As at December 2019, we brought in some units of the V4, the V6 models will be arriving by January. The available ones will all be the brand new 2020 model but they won’t be 2020 on belt. If you need on belt, they will be available by February.

So many people always ask about the price of the cars. The prices ranges from N 19,000,000.
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